Rowing Machine Buying Guide

rowing machines

When looking to purchase a rowing machine to get back into shape, you will need to take some characteristics into consideration for the best purchase. As rowing machines represent one of the best solutions for cardiovascular workouts, they will be recommended for all types of people. Even more, they will prove to be among the recommended options when it comes to the overall results. But are you ready for an indoor rower machine for home use in 2018? Here are the top factors to consider.


Since rowing machines may not be as small as some other fitness equipment, it will prove important to find a design which will enable you to comfortably work in your home. This means that you will have the ability of actually working with a potent machine but you will need enough space in your home to ensure you can actually fit such an impressive cardiovascular performer.


If you are new to rowing, you might be looking to improve your overall fitness level. This is why it will prove important to work with a design which actually allows you to enjoy your workouts. And this is why you will need to ask yourself if rowing is actually a pleasant activity for you. From a performance perspective, it will allow you to work your entire body, but from a user’s perspective, you will need to ask yourself if this fully-body machine is fun for you to use.


A rowing machine will prove to be a good solution to lose weight. It will work all you major muscles with a high heart rate and this makes it a recommended machine for getting in shape. However, it will not be the best solution if you want to gain weight and muscle size. This is why you might need to consider your objective. If you want to lose or maintain weight, the rowing machine is one of the best solutions you can have even in the comfort of your own home.


There are different types of designs to choose from when it comes to performance. This is why you will need to find a budget for your purchase. You will thus need to find the best solution for yourself and your cardio workouts in terms of budget. The most affordable machines will come with a simplistic design while the top options will even come with good connectivity and data synchronization with your mobile devices.  Here is a great resource for machines under $1000 ( and machines under $500 (

Number of workouts

The number of workouts you perform every week will thus play an important role in the overall price. This is why you will need to consider better designs if you want to train every day. This is why you will need to find the best performer according to your workout plan. Even more, if you plan to use the machine together with your family members, you will need to find a design which can handle the intense performance. Rowing can thus be one of the most interesting cardiovascular workout sessions you can enjoy every day to get in good shape.