Muscle Egg – Does this Stuff Work?

Muscle Egg is the first ever liquid protein drink made out of egg whites. Yes you heard it; egg whites in liquid, bottled form. A very unique product and the first to ever get launched in the world, Muscle Egg white drink ensures that your protein levels are always kept intact without you having to go through the hassle of separating the whites from the yolk everyday. You don’t even have to keep count of how many eggs you are consuming with Muscle Egg as the drink comes with all the nutritional values you need to know.

So, I found out about this product on this guys site –  I was intrigued enough to be sold on this guys blog and make an order.  Why not, right? It’s all in the honor of getting in shape!

What Exactly Is It?

Muscle Egg liquid whites is a liquid protein drink that contains egg whites free of any egg yolk. The drink ensures that your protein levels are kept in tact without you having to go through the burden of separating the whites from the yolk everyday and consume them in solid form. The drink contains zero fat and cholesterol and can last up to 14 days.

Muscle Egg is available in different flavors, which honestly came as a shock for me because you really can’t think of flavors in egg whites. However the company does offer the drink in different flavors which adds to its uniqueness and taste. The flavor choices available are: organic, original, chocolate, chocolate caramel, vanilla and mint brownie.

Original and Organic

The Original and Organic Muscle Egg is manufactured using 100% liquid egg whites and is free of preservatives and additives. Both these flavors contain 400mg of sodium, 4g of carbohydrates, 26g of protein, 0g of cholesterol and fat and 120 calories (for 1 cup of the drink that equals to 237 ml).

Other flavors

All of the other flavors contain pasteurized egg whites, natural flavors, cocoa, konjac gum, xanthan gum and sucraiose. For every 1 cup, the nutritional value of all the other flavors are: 130 calories, 0g fat, 0g cholesterol, 399mg sodium, 5g carbohydrates and 25g protein.

Verdict: Is It Really Effective?

Muscle Egg is quite effective and all of the benefits that the company claims it provides are true. This can be seen in the testimonials written by those who have already consumed the drink. What is common among all the opinions of users who have used the drink is that it provides amazing value for money and works splendidly well if you are going to the gym daily. Others simply love the versatility in flavors and the convenience the Muscle Egg liquid drink brings to the table.