Habits that are Bad for Your Success – How to Break Them

Your unhealthy patterns could screw up your success. The best way to kick a bad habit is to replace it with a good one instead – here’s how

Lots of the new entrepreneurs that I have met are not able to reach their highest level of success due to internal blocks. Usually, they do not even know they have these liabilities. They have great ideas for new businesses and the startup capital but they, the entrepreneur themselves are the problem. They try really hard but just don’t succeed.

Sound familiar? Think you should be more successful than you are?

If your answer is yes then you probably have some bad habits that are interfering with your success track. Bad habits often are ignored. But they do not go away that way they just cause havoc with your life and your business in the background.

Success requires a combination of technical skills, passionate focus, and high energy. It also demands self-honesty of the entrepreneur. You must be able to see yourself and your habits, both good and bad, clearly or else your success will be stunted.


Bad Habits that Could Kill Your Success



This habit on its face seems like a positive attribute, but it is not and will you will sabotage yourself with perfectionism. You will be scared of doing a task imperfectly so you will leave it undone. Also, perfectionism stifles creativity and makes every task take twice as long so you only accomplish half as much as you could otherwise.



You interrupt your own workflow by surfing the internet, chatting on social media, texting while in a meeting – all diminish your focus and waste time.  Stop the madness. Turn off all distractions and close your office door to get some work done.  When you need to go online for research or meetings, set a time to avoid getting lost in cyberspace.



Recent studies prove that 15 minutes of extra sleep time, which the snooze button gives you, does nothing to help you feel less tired. In fact, researchers discovered that snoozing makes you feel more fatigued. Also, it takes away from valuable morning time which you could use for health-boosting activities like drinking water or be exercising.



Don’t put off the hardest work until later in the day – because that is when you are at your physical and mental low point. It is better to work on difficult work early in your workday. You are more likely to get it finished and then be available for less intensive tasks during the rest of your day. This is one of the 7 Behaviors of Succesful People



No matter what you think about multitasking it has now been proven to reduce short-term memory and makes tasks take longer than necessary to complete. Scientists have discovered that is also reduced your amount of long-term memory if done over a period of time.  It also leads to careless mistakes and results in needing to redo work multiple times.  Don’t try to do it all yourself. Get help from qualified professionals, such as Legalzoom and save with referral codes, to allow you to focus on the work only you can do such as product creation and customer negotiations.