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Boost Your Health at Work

Health is Wealth. With no health, you cannot provide for your families and do your very best work. While building our prosperity with a few alterations to our work lives and our home you can easily enhance your health and well-being.

Below are healthy steps you can take to become fitter in the office and outside:

Move ergonomic
You devote the vast majority of your day in your desk, so it is sensible to invest to make it a healthy part of your workday. You can achieve this with standing desks–or sit to stand desks–and also with ergonomic office seats.

When seated…
If you do sit, you want a seat that supports your spine and keeps your throat in the appropriate position. Chairs cut down on this back and neck pain and may alter your work life.
When standing…
Doctors at the Mayo Clinic stated that: “Step one will get up. Step two will learn to get up. Step three is, when you’re up, proceed,” he states. “And what we’ve found is that as soon as you’re up, you do often proceed.”
Curious about status desks but still haven’t taken the plunge? This is exactly what happened when a status desk attempted.

Get going
In addition to producing a much better standing/sitting desk position, you also should move around during the day. This may mean climbing a few stairs to increase your blood flow and getting outdoors for a few moments, getting up, or talking around the office. Coworkers carrying a stroll outside for a meeting.
You may also try some easy stretching exercises directly in your desk. This can allow you to burn more calories and will make you conscious of your posture, so helping to guard your spine. Plus, when you maintain that blood you give your mind a creativity increase, which means that you’ll work.

Take breaks and rest your eyes
Together with taking breaks to maneuver, be certain you’re also giving your eyes a rest. Staring at a computer screen all day is a risky proposition on your eyes. It can result in anxiety, irritation, and eye dryness.
Employing a standing desk might help keep your eyes at a better position concerning your display. However, they need rest also. It’s possible to use a browser extension such as EyeCare to get Google Chrome that places a reminder in your display to give your eyes a rest at periods.
Another free browser extension source, known as f.lux, can help you correct your display brightness into the time of day to generate the computer lighting easier on your eyes.

Handle your anxiety
Even if you love your work, the workday can bring a whole lot of stress. Learning how to handle stress is vital to your health. There are techniques to deal with stress. Getting into movement and doing some exercise during the day can help like journaling things, getting outside, and establishing boundaries.
Being organized and staying at the top of your activities, as far as you can, can decrease anxiety also.  As much as possible remove as many interruptions and train yourself to change your breath from shallow. Try this when you’re currently taking your attention breaks.

Keep healthful snacks available
The ideal snacks aren’t only ideal for your waist, but they could power up your mind also. Maintaining healthy snacks available will keep your food when that day slump hits.Women love snacking on pumpkin seeds and almonds. It is easy to keep a supply of healthy snacks by buying them at Quill office supplies uses discount coupons to save you money.
Almonds and walnuts have been easy-to-grab brain food. Add a bit of chocolate, and you get a combo. Eggs are just another one when required, to provide your body and head some energy. Or try a salad with a few nutritious fats such as olive oil, or avocado, olive oil.
And please, for all things healthy, remember to hydrate. Drinking lots of water while on the job may mean more toilet breaks, but the mind and your entire body will thank you.

Raise cash for charity
Once we consider developing a healthy work life, we concentrate on the physiological aspects. However, giving back is an excellent way. Encouraging and helping others makes us feel great while.
See whether you’re able to get your business to host a race for charity. This makes your workout, may be ideal for team building and provides you with an incentive. To find the company excited about forthcoming fundraising events, post upgrades, and announcements corkboards, or whiteboards. Post team images of races that are finished. Have fun together while embracing the company’s side.

Leave work at work
In the conclusion of the day on the job, take a couple of minutes to reflect. What were your wins? What might have been better and how? Tomorrow, what is done? Write them down.  Then… let it all go. You can pick up the day where you left off.

Spend some time with your nearest and dearest. Gaze at the sky. Reconnect with that you’re out of the workplace. Celebrate the entire world. You’ll be a happier and much healthier man, and your job is going to be better. Go right ahead and unwind after a stressful day at work. You have our consent.

entrepreneurs bad habits

Habits that are Bad for Your Success – How to Break Them

Your unhealthy patterns could screw up your success. The best way to kick a bad habit is to replace it with a good one instead – here’s how

Lots of the new entrepreneurs that I have met are not able to reach their highest level of success due to internal blocks. Usually, they do not even know they have these liabilities. They have great ideas for new businesses and the startup capital but they, the entrepreneur themselves are the problem. They try really hard but just don’t succeed.

Sound familiar? Think you should be more successful than you are?

If your answer is yes then you probably have some bad habits that are interfering with your success track. Bad habits often are ignored. But they do not go away that way they just cause havoc with your life and your business in the background.

Success requires a combination of technical skills, passionate focus, and high energy. It also demands self-honesty of the entrepreneur. You must be able to see yourself and your habits, both good and bad, clearly or else your success will be stunted.


Bad Habits that Could Kill Your Success



This habit on its face seems like a positive attribute, but it is not and will you will sabotage yourself with perfectionism. You will be scared of doing a task imperfectly so you will leave it undone. Also, perfectionism stifles creativity and makes every task take twice as long so you only accomplish half as much as you could otherwise.



You interrupt your own workflow by surfing the internet, chatting on social media, texting while in a meeting – all diminish your focus and waste time.  Stop the madness. Turn off all distractions and close your office door to get some work done.  When you need to go online for research or meetings, set a time to avoid getting lost in cyberspace.



Recent studies prove that 15 minutes of extra sleep time, which the snooze button gives you, does nothing to help you feel less tired. In fact, researchers discovered that snoozing makes you feel more fatigued. Also, it takes away from valuable morning time which you could use for health-boosting activities like drinking water or be exercising.



Don’t put off the hardest work until later in the day – because that is when you are at your physical and mental low point. It is better to work on difficult work early in your workday. You are more likely to get it finished and then be available for less intensive tasks during the rest of your day. This is one of the 7 Behaviors of Succesful People



No matter what you think about multitasking it has now been proven to reduce short-term memory and makes tasks take longer than necessary to complete. Scientists have discovered that is also reduced your amount of long-term memory if done over a period of time.  It also leads to careless mistakes and results in needing to redo work multiple times.  Don’t try to do it all yourself. Get help from qualified professionals, such as Legalzoom and save with referral codes, to allow you to focus on the work only you can do such as product creation and customer negotiations.





Simple and easy to Follow Ways to Improve Your Athletic Performance

Even if you are not a professional athlete, wouldn’t it still be great to beat your personal best and improve your game? Regardless of your sport or hobby, there comes a point where you hit a plateau. Getting out of this consistent state of performance can be a challenge but there are steps you can take to advance your fitness level and improve your performance.

Hydration – Body Craves Water

Hydration is a serious topic for any athlete and while it’s important to stay hydrated, you also don’t want to be over hydrated. Acute over-hydration can pose a serious health risk and cause low sodium-induced coma. To stay safe and hydrate it has been shown that most athletes should keep their fluid intake in the range of 550-800ml per hour. Now this will also vary depending on the weather conditions that you are working out in. So before you force down extra water, keep in mind to not over hydrate your body. Over-hydrating can cause nausea and bloating, which will hurt your athletic performance.

Proper Fuel for the Fire (working out)

How are you fueling your body? What foods are you eating in preparation of your workout? Your body needs quality food that will be able to provide it with a consistent source of energy. Avoid eating simple sugars, they are inefficient fuels and are even health hazards if consumed regularly.

Here’s a short video on some good food ideas:

Simple sugars can give you energy peaks but they are quickly followed up by energy crashes. They also have severe limitations on absorption. Complex carbohydrates are a different story. These are the types of carbohydrates you should focus on consuming. Complex carbohydrates get absorbed three time the rate of simple sugars and the result will be a smooth, reliable energy. No peaks and crashes.

So while it is important to eat carbs for energy, make sure you are eating complex carbohydrates and avoid simple sugars as much as possible.

Carbohydrates aren’t the only requirement. If you are working out for over two hours then your body will need protein to sustain energy. If you don’t consume protein, your body will start digesting it’s own muscle tissue to fill in the gaps. Roughly 10% of your energy requirements should be satisfied by a source of protein.

Replenish Electrolytes

Also take the time to replenish electrolytes during and after a workout. Forgetting this can cause cramps, spasms, muscle revolt, and an irregular or rapid heartbeat. Rather than waiting for one of these symptoms to show up, take proactive action. Bananas are fantastic as well as Gatorade.

Supplements can Help Make You Better

Supplements can be a great way to help your body reach its peak performance level. Any new supplements should be tested during training. One supplement that athletes seem to be going crazy over is Niacin, it helps the body turn food into energy more efficiently. Definitely read up on it some, I linked to a pretty easy to understand review that seems informative but don’t just trust that source! It also boosts endurance by increasing oxygen capacity, this is why so many runners and endurance athletes use it as a tool to improve their athletic performance.

Lastly, remember to replenish your body with carbohydrates and protein as soon as possible after each training session. This will help your body with muscle repair and nutrient replenishment. After a workout is when your body is most receptive to replenishment and doing so will help you recover faster. You need to get protein in your system within 30 minutes. Whey protein is great for after workout and fish or chicken for the meal following a hard workout.

Muscle Egg – Does this Stuff Work?

Muscle Egg is the first ever liquid protein drink made out of egg whites. Yes you heard it; egg whites in liquid, bottled form. A very unique product and the first to ever get launched in the world, Muscle Egg white drink ensures that your protein levels are always kept intact without you having to go through the hassle of separating the whites from the yolk everyday. You don’t even have to keep count of how many eggs you are consuming with Muscle Egg as the drink comes with all the nutritional values you need to know.

So, I found out about this product on this guys site –  I was intrigued enough to be sold on this guys blog and make an order.  Why not, right? It’s all in the honor of getting in shape!

What Exactly Is It?

Muscle Egg liquid whites is a liquid protein drink that contains egg whites free of any egg yolk. The drink ensures that your protein levels are kept in tact without you having to go through the burden of separating the whites from the yolk everyday and consume them in solid form. The drink contains zero fat and cholesterol and can last up to 14 days.

Muscle Egg is available in different flavors, which honestly came as a shock for me because you really can’t think of flavors in egg whites. However the company does offer the drink in different flavors which adds to its uniqueness and taste. The flavor choices available are: organic, original, chocolate, chocolate caramel, vanilla and mint brownie.

Original and Organic

The Original and Organic Muscle Egg is manufactured using 100% liquid egg whites and is free of preservatives and additives. Both these flavors contain 400mg of sodium, 4g of carbohydrates, 26g of protein, 0g of cholesterol and fat and 120 calories (for 1 cup of the drink that equals to 237 ml).

Other flavors

All of the other flavors contain pasteurized egg whites, natural flavors, cocoa, konjac gum, xanthan gum and sucraiose. For every 1 cup, the nutritional value of all the other flavors are: 130 calories, 0g fat, 0g cholesterol, 399mg sodium, 5g carbohydrates and 25g protein.

Verdict: Is It Really Effective?

Muscle Egg is quite effective and all of the benefits that the company claims it provides are true. This can be seen in the testimonials written by those who have already consumed the drink. What is common among all the opinions of users who have used the drink is that it provides amazing value for money and works splendidly well if you are going to the gym daily. Others simply love the versatility in flavors and the convenience the Muscle Egg liquid drink brings to the table.

Various E Cigarette Types

There are many types of electronic cigarettes out there, and it is hard to distinguish what makes all of these different types of e-liquids and e-cigarettes different from each other. What most people want is to just find the perfect e-cigarette for them which can help them live a life free from tobacco. If you do research about e-cigarettes online, you are most likely to find reviews that have very little information about the types of devices, and are mostly just a collection of different e-cigarette ads.

Here we will tell you about the different types of devices that are available, as each of these is different in its own way and has its own qualities that make it different from the rest. From advanced personal vaporizers to just a simple disposable e-cigarette, you will find out all you need to know. There are basically 7 different types of devices available currently, and they are as follows.

  • Disposable E-Cigarettes: These are the most widely available devices and can be found at most places like bars, gas stations, or anywhere where cigarettes are sold. It is important to know that these are the most basic type of e-cigarette that you can find, and also some of the cheapest. For people who are new to e-cigarettes, this is probably what you should start off with to get a feel of what you are in for, and many of these newbies get what they need from disposable e-cigarettes. Disposable e-cigarettes are mostly for people who smoke socially or are light smokers. Heavy smokers, on the other hand, tend to prefer devices that are more powerful than these.
  • E-Liquids or E-juices: E-juices or E-liquids are essentially cartridges that you can use in conjunction with many of the rechargeable e-cigarettes, as well as personal vaporizers and E-Go e-cigarettes. You can choose from a vast amount of flavors and varying amounts of nicotine strength, offering a choice and pleasure that was never possible while smoking before. It is of course recommended that you buy an e-juice from a reliable vendor, and the cost of smoking cigarettes is more than the cost of the highest quality e-liquid that you can find.
  • Rechargeable E-cigarettes: These types of e-cigarettes have replaceable liquid nicotine cartridges and rechargeable batteries, and are the fastest growing type of e-cigarettes. They are available in different colors, sizes and styles that you can choose from, and one should get a good quality starter kit to fully enjoy the benefits of vaping. They are also cheaper on the long run when compared to disposable e-cigarettes, and are best-suited to people who do not get satisfied with disposable e-cigarettes, or people who smoke regularly.
  • E-Cigars: These are a relatively newer member of the e-cigarette family, and are for those people who want that rich cigar taste without the dense smoke and bad smell that comes with an actual tobacco cigar. It is the best alternative if you want to enjoy the feeling and taste of an actual cigar, and are just like an actual cigar, without the smoke, and so is ideal for cigar-smokers.
  • E-Go E-cigarettes: These type of e-cigarettes are designed for the heaviest smokers, as there are more types of options available in these, and they have bigger batteries. The larger tanks of an E-Go can hold more nicotine liquid an e-cigarette that is a standard rechargeable one. The larger batteries also ensure that, even without refilling or recharging, E-Go’s can satisfy any kind of smoker. These batteries use a standardized 510 threading, meaning that any tank or cartridge with 510 threading will be compatible with them, so you can try out different flavors as well.
  • Personal Vaporizers (PV) or Mod: These type of e-cigarettes are designed for advanced users and heavy smokers, as they have the most power and vapor. They are also the most sophisticated out of all the various devices available, and require maintenance as well as some sort of prior knowledge of e-cigarettes. Personal Vaporizers are the largest of the lot and a lot of them come with removable batteries, variable controls, and LCD screens.

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